Friday, June 27, 2008

School Pride

A while ago I received an email from someone upset with the lack of attention given to the appearance of Plattsburgh High School. He wrote:

“Despite all the taxes, committees, faculty, and students, our city school entranceways look like hell. Check out the PHS. Weeds and overgrowth. Bare patches. Worse than a ghetto high rise.” (Quote edited for clarity.)

He had contacted someone about the problem and was waiting for action to be taken.

I didn’t have a chance until yesterday to check out the PHS entrance. Anyway, I wanted to give the school and the city the opportunity to fix the problem.

As you can see from my photos, the PHS entrance is indeed a bit weedy. I wouldn’t compare it to a ghetto high rise but it could use a decent trimming, especially with the milkweeds growing around the entrance sign.

Yes, we’ve had a rainy summer so far. But there have been some sunny periods. If weeds aren’t nipped in the bud, they take over. In another month monster milkweeds will obscure the front sign. In the fall the students can use the entrance to film a jungle movie. (How about a remake of Tarzan?)

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