Sunday, June 01, 2008

Litter Shows Respect

All images taken Sunday evening, June 1, 2008.

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Anonymous said...

I am always entertained by the photos and comments.........will the city ever "get it" that we need an educational campaign to instill pride and respect once again for our city and all of us living here. It is shocking to see so many spots of decay and deterioration in this once beautiful city. I always have to stifle my laughs when folks downtown tell me how much better things are compared to when???? One thing I always think of when I see the litter, the decaying storefronts with frayed awnings, broken windows, boarded up windows (code violations???) dog poop, half dead plants on Bridge St. that are never watered, weeds in the beautiful wall planter across from Trinity what a great big insult it is to those of us who would like to shop downtown but find the store owners don't care enough about our business to welcome us with respectful, clean and kept up properties and businesses..........just take a look along the Margaret St. stores and see what I is insulting and disgraceful (for the most part) that businesses do not have pride enough if not for themselves, then for us, the patrons who might come down more if the places were clean and fixed up and more if not for them, then for us, the patrons!
When will Plattsburgh ever wake up and see the truth of why downtown is such a depressing sight?