Sunday, April 06, 2008

Springtime Spruce Up

When he first took office Mayor Donald Kasprzak told WCAX-TV that he wanted to spruce up downtown Plattsburgh. With winter slowly giving way to spring, what signs of spruceness are to be found?

Now here's a delightful dump adorning the City Hall lawn. Please don’t ruin this doggone decoration by stepping in it.

And over at Trinity Park, you’ll find it also dotted with similar decorations around the Veterans Memorial. Talk about respect for the dead. It’s reassuring that brave soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the freedom of a self-centered dog owner to not perform his doody duty.


NOTE: Remember – if it’s not there, I can’t photograph it.


J Short said...

i really like your blog. I just stumbled on it by hitting next blog and I think what you're doing is great to get people to start thinking beyond their own little lives and begin to look at their own city with a sense of pride and respect for those that did work to make it what it was. Especially with trash and dog droppings, those two things should easily preventible if everyone only cared! Keep up the good work!

Luke T. Bush said...


Thanks for the feedback. It's good to know that someone outside Plattsburgh recognizes the good I'm trying to do when I show the bad.