Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bank Notes

A cavernous three-story bank lobby as a recording studio?

It works for composer/musician Adrian Carr. He's been recording his next CD inside the Old Merchants Bank in downtown Plattsburgh. He likes the echo effect created by the vast walls and ceiling. To control the effect he places his microphones at various distances from the piano.

His new CD, "Finding Charlotte," should be out this year. You can learn more about Adrian at

Built back in the 1920s, the bank now houses the offices and gallery of the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts (NCCCA). Beside a variety of art exhibits, the “Arts Bank” (to use its nickname) has also hosted live musical performances and ethnic-themed banquets.


Adrian said...

Hey Luke,

Bank notes-Love the title! Thanks so much for stopping by the recording session and always nice to share a coffee with you.

--The pics are really great -really looks like the artist is at work! (I never think about it when it's happening!) Nice blog!

Adrian Carr

JT said...

Interesting. I looked up Adrian Carr and he seems to hail from the Montreal area. Wonder what brought him to Plattsburgh to record this?

Luke T. Bush said...


Good to hear that my images meet with your approval. I don't consider myself a professional photographer; I just do it as a hobby.

Looking forward to your next CD.



Luke T. Bush said...


Adrian is an American now living in Montreal. He was born in Buffalo and spent half of his life living in New York City. More details at .

While promoting his last CD, "Days of the Year," Adrian played at the Koffee Kat and also at the NCCCA. While at NCCCA he came to appreciate the acoustics of the lobby area.

He will be providing ambient music for the Blanc Noir Gala, Feburary 16, at 5 PM at the NCCCA. More info at