Monday, October 08, 2007

State Fair: Milking Some Downtime

Afternoon in the dairy building at the New York State Fair. Peaceful, like an indoor pasture. Siesta time for both animal and human.

A dairy farmer works odd hours, long days on the homestead. And those days get odder and longer when it’s time to go to the fair and display livestock. Grooming, feeding and cleaning. Hoping that this year a ribbon might be won.

Hurry up and wait. Transport your prized cows to the fair, making sure to get set up in time. Then wait for the competition. Catch some rest when you can. Learn how to nap in a folding chair and ignore the city folk walking through, gawking. After all, most of them don’t think about all the effort to maintain a herd, trying to live on a narrow profit margin. City people probably think that milk is just made in a factory by a machine. But your sore back says otherwise.

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