Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chronic Problem: Substandard Proofreading

The Press-Republican has editorially boasted about its high journalistic standards.

Maybe tomorrow’s edition will feature an article on “Crone’s” disease.


Anonymous said...

With almost every typing application enabled with some sort of spell check feature (including this one), it's odd that the error made it through. Did someone miss the little red squiggly line running beneath "cronic" (such as the one I see right now)? Also, Annie's Mailbox isn't exactly breaking news that is rushed into print. There should have been ample time to catch this error.


Luke T. Bush said...


I heard that some PR employees think that it's beneath them to use spell check.

I'm not a great speller. I use spell check all the time and even then typos get through. But with words in the headlines like "cronic" for chronic and "toos" for toss, it's obvious the spell check feature should be used by the PR.


SAW said...

Heh. I worked in that newsroom for four years. The "h" probably didn't fit and the headline writer just left it. ~~A former Plattsburgher