Thursday, April 26, 2007

Springtime For Scofflaws

The Marion Street Skateboard Park is open for another illegal season.

Notice how this guy is going the wrong way on a one-way street. Then again, at least he’s checking for traffic, unlike a few who zip out without looking.

Uh-oh. This car is in the way. Move it; we’re skating!

I hope that driver isn’t arguing with them about having the right of way. Don’t argue, Mr. Law-Abiding Citizen. After all, kids control the streets, not adults. If adults were in charge, the police would have stopped this somewhat risky activity a long time ago. Notice that no skateboarder is wearing a helmet. Apparently they don’t like to use the skateboard area the city built for them at Bailey Avenue Park because they have to wear helmets over there. Helmets ain’t cool.

Irresponsible kids rule the streets. Buildings and vehicles are damaged. Older pedestrians are intimidated. Well, boohoo. That’s why you pay high taxes, to let the police do nothing while kids scoff at the law.

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