Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Problem Spots Cleared

I don’t know if it was just myself or that other people also contacted the city in regards to sidewalks that remained unshoveled. But as of today all the spots I mentioned in my email to the Public Works Department and the Building Inspector’s Office have been cleared of snow. (See the list in the post, No Complaints?, below.) I emailed both departments to thank them for taking care of the matter.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that I was the only one to complain. Even though I am one person, my email did produce results. So what is stopping the rest of you from doing the same? Or is it just easier for you to grumble and bitch, but not take action?

No, you don’t have to rant and yell, demanding action. Just write a polite letter or email. Show city officials proper respect. Anger is only justified if they constantly ignore you.

A few people must think I’m making a big issue out of picayune problems, snow-blocked sidewalks, dogshit, whatever. But they are missing The Big Picture. And it’s not worth explaining in detail what The Big Picture to a person who doesn’t get it on his own. Maybe some of them can wrap their minds around this concept: Symptoms ain’t causes.

Even though I do joke at times with this blog, I still try to be fair when targeting a problem. If a problem has been fixed, then I will give credit. Of course, I will admit that having a blog where I document with text and images certain problems might give me an edge.

So where’s your blog? Or at least, where’s your letter to the appropriate official or to the newspaper?

Sorry, I don’t respect silence.

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