Saturday, February 24, 2007

No Complaints?

In today’s Press Republican there is an article about the sidewalk situation in Plattsburgh, that some spots have remained unshoveled after the last snowstorm. According to the article, Superintendent of Public Works Kevin Murphy states that he has not received any complaints and therefore hasn’t taken any action.

To rectify that problem, I have emailed him and the Building Inspector. Below is a copy of that email.

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City Of Plattsburgh Public Works
Kevin Murphy

City of Plattsburgh Building Inspector
Richard Perry, Supervisor

Dear Sirs:

After reading the article in today’s Press Republican [Sat. 2/24/07] in regards to keeping the sidewalks clear of snow, I am sending you a list of specific complaints about spots that have remain unshoveled. I am surprised that my complaint isn’t on file since I did email the mayor a few days ago about certain locations. These spots remained untouched as of 1 PM today:

-- Corner of Elm and Miller Streets: Both sidewalks on Elm and Miller are still blocked after two snowstorms.

-- Near 62 Miller Street (near the billboard): Someone, apparently the owner of 62 Miller, is responsible for a five foot snow pile that completely blocks the sidewalk. This was created by a plow, creating a major obstruction.

-- Oak Street School Crosswalk, Margaret St., East side (where the Children’s Store used to be): A crosswalk but no access on one side?

-- Montcalm, near The House of Sewing & Vacuums: I haven’t checked this today; maybe it has been cleared. Sidewalk obstructed once again by a pile created by a snowplow.

To quote the article in today's Press Republican:

"[Building Inspector Richard Perry] said that if property owners who have failed to comply with ordinance are brought to the city's attention, the Public Works Department will contact them and ask that the snow and ice be cleared.

"If they ignore the warning, Public Works has the authority to clear the area, at the property owner's expense." [Page A6, "Winter restricting pedestrian travel" by Mark Misak]

I am looking forward to seeing these spots cleared of snow in the next few days. If scofflaws are billed for the work, this will help the city deal with its present budget crisis.

I have been covering this problem for some time on my blog,, where I have photographs of the problem spots. I will be keeping track of these spots with photographs showing what progress has been made as time passes.


Luke T. Bush

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