Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brainless Bastards Blockade Sidewalks

It’s bad enough when people don’t shovel their sidewalks, but it’s even worse when they make the sidewalks impassable with big piles of snow.

What is a snowplower thinking when he packs up a small mountain obstructing all pedestrians? Then again, why should he care? He gets around in his truck; he doesn’t have to worry about being stuck on foot.

Welcome to Mount Fuji on Montcalm. Here’s the view looking north.

And here’s the view from the other side. Of course, this means that someone has to walk in the street to get around Mount Fuji. And if that person is struck by a careless driver, whose fault will it be?

Hey, why drive to Whiteface Mountain when you can ski on Miller Street?

And here’s the view from the northern exposure of Whiteface II. Notice the tracks leading up to that pile? Maybe someone is buried under there. But we won’t know until spring – or until someone with brains opens up the sidewalk again.

1 comment:

CharacterMagnet said...

He he...Whiteface II..

I was so floored by the blocked sidewalk photo that I spilled hot coffee onto my keyboard and, as a consequence, all over my pants. The resulting burns were actually worth enduring because your photo--and text--give visual proof that stupidity runs rampant in the Lake City when ever it snows, and, one can argue, at other times as well.