Monday, September 25, 2006

When An Inch Is A Good As A Mile

Sometimes the details reveal the devil.

Compare the following two images taken yesterday in downtown Plattsburgh on its main street:

The first image shows a curb on Margaret Street at the normal height, around 7 inches. The second shows another section of curbing on the same street, but its height is almost a whopping one foot!

The last time Margaret Street was rebuilt, someone screwed up and left this twelve-inch high curb. If you step off the sidewalk, not aware of the extra inches, it can be startling. For years this curb has remained this way. One wonders if any twisted ankles or even broken legs have resulted. I can imagine a handicapped person taking a tumble from this non-regulation curb.

Recently the city has been fixing up Margaret Street. Finally, the curb height can be adjusted.

But knowing the city, it will probably end up adding six more inches. Then the spot can be used for rappelling or bungee jumping.

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