Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Obligatory Cute Wildlife Photo

As a photographer it is my duty to have at least one image such as this in my collection.

This photo was taken on a bike path that runs between Lake Champlain and the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base. I went for a walk with a friend one evening and along the way spotted young rabbits at different times.

The rabbit pictured above was the third one seen. While the other two ran off, this guy (or gal) wasn’t that shy. I kept talking to him as I pulled out my point-and-shoot digital camera, saying with a calm tone, “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit…”

Usually wild animals take off when you reach for your camera. Or they won’t wait as you zoom, compose, get the shot set up. But this guy just stood there, watching me, as I kept calmly talking to him. I thought my friendly voice would reassure him.

Of course, maybe he just paused because he was thinking: “What’s wrong with this human? Babbling like that. What a maroon.”

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