Monday, July 31, 2006

Globular Visions

Late Sunday afternoon. Quiet at the coffeehouse. Bored with reading the newspaper. Bored with reading, period.

No one around. Nobody to converse with.

Options: talk to myself or take some photos. Of course, having a conversation with yourself causes others to doubt your sanity. Then again, taking strange photos of reflections, distortions, and shadows doesn’t lend a semblance of sanity, either.

For example, getting up close to a table decoration, discovering the hidden images. In this case: a purplish plastic orb.

NOTE: Only the third image, the oval shaped close-up, has been considerably changed in Photoshop. Besides cutting out the oval section, I rotated the image 180 degrees so that the upside down image within the globe was right side up. But with the other images, what you see is what I saw.

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