Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Plattsy: Twig Twitchy

Plattsy sez: “Hi-a-yo-yo, kids. See what's sticking out of my ear? No, it isn’t the latest in body piercing. I was walking down a sidewalk, minding my own business, when I slipped on some dogshit. OK, that was bad, but I fell against an untrimmed hedge overhanging the sidewalk, right on my ear, and now look at me. A twig went right through. I was able to snap off one side and get free, but I still have this memento.

“Hey, mayor! You promised three years ago to get all the hedges trimmed so they wouldn’t be blocking the sidewalks. You care, don’t you? Or are you too busy packing your bags, getting ready to take off for your new job when the word comes from Albany?

“Of course, mayor, you never really go out on a limb with your promises, do you? You bark, never bite, just hedging your bets, hoping that whatever you say doesn’t leaf an impression on anyone’s memory. Albany, the City of Broken Promises, should be a good fit for you, right up your tree.

“And when I get this twig removed, you’ll find it won’t be right up your tree, but somewhere else. And my clown hammer will make sure it fits.”

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