Friday, June 09, 2006

Plattsy: Street Art Critic

Plattsy sez: "Hey, where's all the dogshit on Clinton Street? Did all the rain wash it away? Or did the college students moving out take their craphounds with them? Hey, I'm not complaining. Because I can enjoy all the great street art provided by local artistes.

"Try this impressive display of banana split splat. This gut-wrenching work evinces how some waste the milk of human kindness. It's cherry, not cheery.

"And how about this ode to an onion? The layers of meaning. It just brings tears to my eyes. I just can't peel away from this photo image.

"So don't forget to enjoy the street art always on display in downtown Plattsburgh. And for those who say this ain't art, I say: Rubbish!"

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